An exhibition of sculptural artworks referencing jewellery – curated by local artist/jeweller Kes Harper

(Someone once said to me) “I love it when you take your jewellery/necklace/ earrings off and place them on the table, they become a small sculpture.”

It is this comment that is the starting point for this exhibition in the Fireshed Gallery, Wollombi, 

In Re:Worn, artists have been selected and ‘commissioned’ to make wall or table ‘jewellery-referenced’ sculptures in their chosen medium – stone, wood, paper, textiles, metal.

Jewellery. Adornment. Worn on the body, carrying many meanings – historically, culturally, spiritually, fashionably, personally. Whether worn or not worn, it has a life as art, as sculpture.

Artists in this exhibition have reflected on the often ‘ephemeral’ nature of jewellery in the modern, western world and, by up scaling, have given it a story, life, and identity of its own,  independent of being ‘carried’ by a wearer. 

These sculptural artworks aim to challenge the viewer on their concept of jewellery and the wearing of it.

Re:Worn exhibiting artists

Tobias Bennett    Diana Boyd    Kylie Beynon    Jeramie Carter    Leesa Knights    Edwardo Milan   •   Barbara Nanshe   •   Willemina Villari   •   Gav Vitullo   •   Ahn Wells