Cast fibre glass resin, iron dust,
1200 x 1200 x 450mm – POA

Boys toys, toys for big boys.
For that man that can’t grow up. The man child that can;t face adulthood head on, that still collects comics, collects toys. These acts seek to legitimise their inability to be their fathers and subconsciously seek to solve childhood issues, or maybe they just want to avoid the present.  The removal of rites of passage from boys to men has left a grey area exploited by marketing of investible ‘action figurines’ and ‘collectible graphic novels’. The supposed value is an adult justification of spending on a collection. They seek closure by collecting, but is it closure of childhood or of issues within childhood?

Born 1972 & raised in the English countryside. My grandfather, Norman Sillman, was a respected sculptor & therefore I always felt it in my blood. I went to Wimbledon & Glasgow Schools of Art but my grandpa taught me more than they could. I moved to Sydney in 1996 & I’ve been getting my work into peoples faces ever since. I want people to see that art has an important role to play in their lives. Art, especially mine, can be thoughtful, provocative, enriching & humorous.

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