Wood, steel, copper,  1800 x 1800 x 250mm – $1,700

This work explores the sense of wonder, using organic and technological elements that relate to the natural world. An arc of timber balances curiously on a pivot within a core gear element. As the wing is moved by the wind, the third element, a copper pinion, spins upon itself and traverses the central support that turns it.
These three interlinked forms compose an exploration of balance, movement and interaction. The gear column supports the wing, which supports a pinion which meshes with the gear. The elements are in a loop of interconnection. Gears and machinery are often symbols for difficult complexity, but here, they express the intertwining systems of the natural world. Beauty and complexity can coexist; the complex networks of the natural world show us this. The biological and planetary systems that sustain us interweave grace with complexity, and elegance arises from their harmony. The spinning pinion gear resembles a circular temple. The symbols of temple and machinery represent the contrary ideas of sacred and profane, spiritual and material, heavenly and earthly; they are brought together under the sheltering arc of organic wood.

Simon Clarke’s work explores interconnections of wood, metal and history, using found and constructed industrial forms to generate intriguing hybrids. Passion for the multiple meanings we inhabit informs the material and conceptual aspects of this art practice.

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