RO MURRAY: Blue Gold

Poly water pipe, cable ties, 5400 x 1600 x1400mm  – $4500

This work engages with the idea of water as an essential element that has not only been commodified but also compromised by the pressures of human production and climate change. It is configured like a large water drop. I think of it is as “blue gold” because it refers to the status of water as a privately owned commodity- with the rights to it sold off to the world market. To look along the inner length is to look along a funnel- it suggests water flushing down a drain. There is the unresolved issue of Sydney’s water reservoir dwindling during times of drought, and the assumed need for an energy guzzling desalination plant, rather than the recycling of sewage and the intelligent use of rainwater.
Sponsored by Auspex

Ro Murray’s art practice is based on an appreciation of unaltered nature especially in regard to the changing circumstances of our environment. As a recent graduate (BFA Honours NAS), she combines awareness from her background as architect with sculpture assemblages and site responsive installations through transforming found materials and objects. The work makes recognition of how much we produce and use.This year Ro Murray won the Women on Boards Art Prize, highly commended in the Muswellbrook Art Prize and finalist in the Willoughby Sculpture Prize, Sculptures in the Gaol (South West Rocks), In Situ 11 Festival of Mosman, Hidden: Rookwood Cemetery, Adelaide Perry Drawing prize and Sculpture at Sawmillers Reserve (2010)

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