PETER TILLEY: Tomorrow is another day

Cast iron and Corten steel, 1800 x 1130 x 450mm – $14,000

This work is a large cast iron and steel sculpture and continues the theme of my recent works in utilising my own experience. In this particular case childhood memories are used as raw material and the basis for the narrative. There can be a sense of emptiness, suggestive of the transient nature of life, and there is also a tendency for inanimate objects to predominate. However, a range of thematic ideas and formal strategies are employed, derived from a visual vocabulary that is readily understood. The objects and imagery employed are universally common yet multi layered in meaning, significance and complexity. They address humanist concerns through realism and figuration. My work is concerned with truth and order, which is evident in the elegant simplicity. I try to achieve a simplicity in these still life tableaux that is incisive and intuitively accepted yet capable of complex layers of meaning. There are many possible interpretations depending on the viewers own journey through life.

Studied Art and Ceramics at Newcastle School of Art and Design and was privately trained as a sculptor. Master of Philosophy (Fine Art) Newcastle University. Has participated in over 70 group shows and 25 solo exhibitions. SxS Bondi and SxS Cottesloe numerous times since 2004, SXS Aarhus 2009, 2011. Sculpture in the vineyards 2010, Rookwood cemetery 2011. Represented in public and private collections in Australia, and private collections overseas.