Wood, perspex, paper, 620 x 720 x 240mm, 380 x 800 x 240mm , 500 x420 x 200mm  $6,700

In many Asian cultures there is a custom of burning paper objects to send a message to the spirits; therefore paper boats have significance to the afterlife of any person that has a relationship with boats during their lifetime. These suitcases could have been carried by a person migrating to Australia in the last century; they represent familiar objects from the past. This work poetically combines Western and Eastern cultures; reflecting journeys made in this life and journeys to the enxt. It is about the things we carry through life both physically and in our imaginations.

Master of Fine Arts (COFA). Awarded several public art commissions and has work in the public domain including ‘Life Boat/ Thuyen Curu Roi’, which was purchased by artsACT and is permanently displayed in the Civil Library Canberra. People’s Choice Award, Helen Lempiere National Sculpture Award, 2008, finalist for Sculpture by the Sea seven times, many residencies in Australia and overseas including 6 months in Vietnam in 2006, participated in the Fourth international Sculpture Symposium, Hue, Vietnam.

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