MIKE PATTON: Earthstars

Various plastics, steel sub frame, 750 x 750 x 1500mm – $7,500

These works stem from an imagined future where human’s industrialized wastes have been transformed by planetary forces into new forms of life. The forms are derived and evolved from existing plant and fungi species. The title refers to a fungal species that respond to moisture and opens to a star, bursting in an explosion of spores. The use of industrially produced products being transformed into representative natural forms encourages a reinterpretation and discovery of new association with recognisable materials.

Whilst much of my time is spent working as an Art Director and Props Maker for television, I maintain a sculptural practise. I have exhibited at Sculpture in the Vinyards for the past three years. Earlier this year my work was also shown at KASPE. In the last year I have had a number of challenging and interesting prop builds as part of my television work. The opportunity to establish new areas of expertise and hone further skills has always been strong motivation and reward for this work.

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