MIGUEL OLMO: U_n_t_i_t_l_e_d

Papier Mache, wood, synthetic polymer and paverpol, dimensions variable  – $4,000
U_n_t_i_t_l_e_d,  continues my exploration of ephemerality and questioning of notions relating to the huan condition through the use of evanescing materials such as papier-måché. The three figures in U_n_t_i_t_l_e_d are each grappling with their own circumstances, represented through the vase stand and each seek to triumph over adversity in the attempt to reach happiness, albeit fleeting.
Miguel holds a Masters of Fine Arts from COFA (2005) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts UWS(1995) with majors in Time based arts and 4D studies respectively. I work across a range of media including installation, sculpture, digital media and video. Recent works include selection into this year’s ‘Hidden, Rookwood Sculpture Walk and video projections at ‘Riverbeats Live’.

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