Steel and glass, 600 x 760 x 200mm $800

I wanted to bring a sense of play to my exploration of contrasts. I recalled the posters of Lissitsky, and wanted to impart the same joie de vivre, and juxtaposition of shapes. The grid stands away from the wall, and the glass panels seem to be floating. The black and red rods could almost be graffiti-like flourishes. Although I have retained a sense of movement, the placement of each element is balanced, and the red line draws all the elements together.

A former graphic designer, Maurice Schlesinger has been sculpting intensively for the past 10 years. He has just completed an Honours degree at NAS and is a long standing member of the Sculptors Society. He has been a successful exhibitor, and one of his most recent sculptures has been acquired for the “M G Dingle and G B Hughes Collection” a bequest to the Shoalhaven City Arts Centre While I enjoy the discipline of realism, I am also drawn to experimentation and abstraction. I am on a journey of discovery, and I plan to take pleasure from every step along the way.

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