Ceramic pigments, fabric, timber and wire – 250 x 900 x 900mm – $4800

For this work I was inspired by the romantic notion of the picnic; moments of joy shared amongst friends and the coming together to enjoy the relaxed and informal nature of having a picnic.

My work is of a narrative and figurative nature and I am interested in making tender images out of clay that explore simple human practice and that aim to capture a snapshot of time, space and emotion.
I have chosen to use the bird as a symbol because of its connection with the sky and for its representation of a link between heaven and earth.
I aim to explore the distortion of scale as well as the transient nature of all objects.
Madeleine was born in 1983 and spent her childhood in St Albans. This beautiful and idyllic childhood continues to nourish and inform her extraordinary sense of imagination and creativity. She is a qualified chef and has worked in some of Sydneys best restaurants.  In 2009 she completed her BFA at the National Art School and in 2010 she completed her Honours year. This year Madeleine returned to St Albans, where she and her partner will build a studio and a home so they can carry on making art and doing what they both love so much. In 2010 she was awarded the Andrew Petherbridge prize and is currently engaged with a residency at the North Coast TAFE institute. Madeleine is represented by King Street Gallery on William.since. I want people to see that art has an important role to play in their lives. Art, especially mine, can be thoughtful, provocative, enriching & humorous.

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