LEE BETHEL: Cubile Presopia

Found objects, timber, stainless steel, 1080 x 900 x 600mm – POA

Initially I made the nests of this piece as part of my continuing exploration of grids; nests appear to be a loose 3-dimensional grid. They enclose space in a particular way. When they were finished they needed a place to live and where better than a tree. The trees are found branches joined and painted and the stainless steel is factory offcuts. The resulting forms are quite animated and the shadows cast by the piece add to the chaotic nature of their dance with each other. Grouped together a strong, lively interaction and sense of belonging results; a new species A family of Nests. Placing the works outside would introduce the possibility of birds landing on the work or even possibly using the existing nests.

Lee Bethel has been represented in many group and solo exhibitions. She has hung in the Sullman Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Art on Paper Hazelhurst, Hidden Rookwood cemetary, Wollongong Regional Gallery and Art on the Rocks, Sydney NSW. She has been awarded residencies in Bundanon, NSW, Hill End, NSW, and received and UNESCO Laureate to work in France.

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