KerryCannon_2010Bronze and acrylic paint on steel base,
750 x 100 x 500mm – $24,000
Pumpkin fertility gods must be firm if not fair. In order to get the goods to market, coercion at times must be employed. Spiders, hamsters, mice whatever is at hand that can manoeuvre a wheelbarrow will do. Lovely pumpkins! Lovingly delivered to you.

I create “narrative art” based on stories that I write or interpret. My biggest group shows to date are The Shanghai Art Fair in 2007, The Florence Biennale in 2005 and The Agora Gallery in New York in 2009. This year is hectic with 2 solo shows at The Stanthorpe Regional Gallery in QLD and The Nave Museum in Texas. Also, I published the first photographic graphic novel for Ceramic Break Sculpture Park: Alchemy- golden dreams come true.