KATHIE NAJAR: Teenage Games

Hand painted ceramic tiles, marine ply, silicon, metal post, 220 x 220 x 150 mm each without post $1200 ea
This series of sculptures was informed by the tradition of 18th century hand painted Dutch Delft tile series of children’s games. The memory of the original miniature hand painted endearing images of old fashioned children’s games is the vehicle of attraction, which here on closer inspection has been transformed to the aversion of teenage unstable behaviour, as children walk the razor’s edge to a mentally mature adulthood.

The letterbox is the entry point to the expectation of a happy home and family, and poses the question is anyone home to tend to and care for our young adults. These bitter images of harmful behaviours repeat generation after generation.

Kathie Najar completed a degree in Fine Arts in Sydney in the early 1980’s, since then she has worked as a commissioned artist painting tiles, murals, glass and fabrics. She had also won awards and commissions nationally for her collage and hand painted tile works. Currently Kathie is completing a Master’s Degree at College of Fine Arts, UNSW.

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