JOSHUA SUKLAN: Untitled (Spatial Constructs)

Perspex and Enamel,  1500 x 2400mmm  – $1,200

This work deals with the construction of space. Space is perceived both physically and psychologically, my attempt as an artist is to unite these two states of mind for a reactionary cause from the viewers’ experience. This work also deals with the use of negative space – the negative space not only frames the landscape through the transparency of the work, but also constructs a field for which another spatial realm inhabits.

Joshua Suklan is a young emerging Sydney-born artist who has an interest in making enquiries into art as object in space, time and its perception by audiences. He likes to encapsulate the viewer by having a physical and psychological effect with the facility of installation. He is currently finishing a BFA at COFA and BA at UNSW. In recent works he has become fascinated with the material perspex and forms of extending painting including alternative painting and drawing practice, light projection, use of space and sound and is continuing to explore these in his current artist practice

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