JOHN WRIGHT: Camel O’Camel

Steel bar, 4000 x 5000 x1200mm $12,000

This work is one of a series of supersized animals. Following on the heals or paws of 3m hares, brahma bulls and a kangaroo The works are all simple drawings and have allowed me to explore drawing beyond the 2d and imbue the figures with varied characters. The camel is an odd creature that has a wonderful strength, both physically and in attitude. A stoic and graceful figure.

I have been a practicing artist for the last ten years. Having trained at TAFE and the NAS I have hasd a number of solo shows and taken part in numerous joing exhibitions. Most recently I have been working in steel and wire to protray animals in various forms. As well as realistic drawings I have been working on abstracted and supersized figures that possess humorous as well as often ominous characters.

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