JOHN BROOKE: Wind Through the Trees

JohnBrooke_2010Powder coated recycled steel,
480 x 1205 x 300mm – $2,500

John Brookes work inhabits a gap between painting and sculpture. The paintings are often sculptural and the sculptures are, in their own way, painterly. His sculptures interpret landscape and occasionally, the human figure. Both reflect the forms and the colours of the ocean and sky on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. He loves the way things move in the landscape there – clouds, surf, tides, waves, currents and winds in the treetops. “Why do I do it? Who knows?”

An artist hopes that when he is gone, traces of his work may remain. Any traces I leave on the planet I want to be beautiful. Johns’ art awards include Finalist Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 2009, Highly Commended Mosman Sculpture Festival 2010, Winner Franco Belgiorno-Nettis Transfield Holdings Prize for Sculpture 2010.