JOANNA O’TOOLE: Sou’-Westerly

Mild steel, recycled hardwood, 2850 x1500 x 800mm  – $10,000

‘Sou’-westerly continues to portray my life through sculpture revisiting personal memories. It expresses present change, time and social play through wind direction. As a child between 1972-1984 I spent summer holidays camping at Shoreham, surfing, wing surfing and  sailing between Point Leo and Flinders.   It was a twelve year period of my life full of playful family memories where I gave no concern to the future. Now I live within the Lake Macquarie area and as a mother of three children I reflect on these memories. I draw parallels between my own childhood and that of my children. However I worry like any parent about their future. We live in a world full of replacement and change. What will our children’s future be? With Global warming lapping at our doorstep, will they exist in a way that the world’s news and media currently suggest? I find myself watching and creating ways in which I can escape into a child’s world away from out obvious decline. But time does not stand still. So I try to embrace the present and learn from it. Through observation and sculpture I am able to hold onto significant playful moments woven from my personal history whilst developing a future journey.

Bachelor of Fine Art (Printmaking) RMIT. Post Graduate Studies (Printmaking) Sydney College of the  Arts, Currently studying Diploma of Fine Art Painting and Sculpture Newcastle Art School. Technical Assistant (Casual) at the Front Room Gallery Newcastle Art School. 2011 Newcastle Emerging Artist Overall Winner and Winner of the catagoriy prize for Sculpture and Painting.  Finalist 2011 Montalto Sculpture prize. Selected for Lorne Sculpture (Sculpturescape) 2011 October. Over 30 selected/solo and group shows, Regularly exhibits.

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