Rusted steel, 1200 x 870 x 700mm  – $1800

‘Crouching Man’ is an abstract figure that has been constructed with curved and round shapes. The column composition combined with the horizontal rhythms creates a sense of weight, compression and strength.
Certain element relate closely to features of the human body while others are more ambiguous. Observing the under life size scale sends a strange relationship between the viewer and the work. The rust of the steel unifies the surface and introduces a warm feeling.

James was born in Sydney Australia in 1989. He have studied at Cranbrook School and at the moment is completing his honours degree in sculpture at the National Art School. He has hown work in a number of group shows at Mils Gallery, Delmar Gallery and the Library Stairwell Gallery over the past three years. His other interests include playing jazz on the trumpet ad euphonium.

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