JaM: Untitled

Wood, wire, 2000 x 1500 x 6000mm  $750

These simple, honest forms create a mini forest or farm in a foreign place. They are portable and could create their ambience anywhere, yet here they seem to fit because they reflect the very orderly rows of grape vines, the plant that now holds primary economic importance in this landscape.

Jane Theau and Mandy Pryse-Jones have pursued separate art practices for several years and our artistic collaboration JaM, came to fruition 2 years ago when we were both awarded a residency at the Primrose Park Studio. From this residency we developed ideas for exhibitions at Primrose Park and the Bondi Pavillion in 2010. The JaM collaborative practice is largely focused on human interactions with the landscape. Our first public sculpture was a piece titled ‘From life to life’ in the 2011 Hidden exhibition at Rookwood.

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