Hot dipped galvanised steel and weathered corten steel, mild steel plinth,  430 x 1420 x 600mm excluding plinth $6,500

‘Slither1’ pursues a moment where the precise distribution of mass, form and space activate the sculpture.  Inspired by observation of the natural marine world, it is intended to embody complexity, movement and a sense of thrust and violence.  The galvanised elements represent the force of ocean currents; the weathered corten elements of sedentary marine animals violently being pushed and pulled in all directions by the force of the current. The work explores the tension generated by environmental forces interacting with and reflected by the change in shape of small invertebrate sea creatures.

Jacek shares his time between the Hunter Valley, Australia and London. He originally trained and worked internationally as a marine biologist, is a SCUBA diver and international traveller and draws upon these experiences to inform his practice. Since graduating in 2006 from the National Art School in Sydney, he has exhibited his large-scale outdoor sculptures and smaller, intimate indoor pieces internationally in numerous group and solo exhibitions in the UK and Australia. His work is in private collections in Australia and the UK and he exhibits with the Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.

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