HOBART HUGHES: Blind Driving the Blind

Wood, 2700 x 1200 x 1700mm – $5,000

The obvious reference to the Pieter Bruegel painting is really only a passing not to what is also an allegorical work. More importantly however it is the imagined strength of the driver and the overwhelming certainty that everything is going to be all right that is more pervasive. Both figures have drawn components that figure in the description of the state of consciousness that is my most consistent theme throughout all my work. In this case the fairly apparent concern of the forward thrusting and apparent disregard for safety echos the fossil fuel driven culture in which we preside.

Hobart Hughes art spans performance, installation, sculpture, animation and film. Hobart’s music clip for Mental as Anything ‘Lets Cook’ was selected for an exhibition at the Museum Of Modern Art, New York in 1982. In 2008 his animation ‘Removed’ was screened at the Tate Modern in the Figuring Landscapes show. Since 1993 his installation art practice has incorporated both animation with sculpture. He has had five solo sculpture shows and has been represented in National sculpture exhibitions and has had several sculptures selected for the Art Bank collection.

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