FIONA EDMEADES: Over the Threshold

Steel, timber, plastic, found chairs and chair parts  – $1,100 each

I am interested in everyday objects, full of allure and the manner in which they exist alongside us as they populate our lives. The chair is a multifaceted object, full of allure and mystery. With rich history and strong symbolic content.

An object that is part of our innermost world; into which we surrender our bodies, retreat, or seek comfort. The relationship of our everyday being-in-the-world with this object, animates the chair, and in this way, it embodies a threshold between the temporal and the eternal worlds’ of being. Collapsing the boundaries further, these chairs have been deconstructed and reconfigured, transcending their previous existence, removed from the dwelling and suspended in the landscape.

Graduating from the National Art School in 2009, Fiona Edmeades was recently awarded the ArtsStart grant from the Australia Council of the Arts. In her recent solo show entitled ‘Seats of the Soul’ (unravelling the everyday chair), Fiona revisits her roots as a traditional upholster in London in the early 90’s. Fiona Edmeades is interested in the everyday objects and the manner in which their existence is so intimately entwined within our own. Fiona’s current body of work, investigates the chair as an object of both temporal and symbolic significance.






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