FELICITY YORSTON: Bomb Harvest 300

Plastic, resin, steel, insulated wire, recycled found objects, 380 x 600 x 900mm – $1,000  *profit from sale of artwork will be donated to bomb and mine disarmament.

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Harvest verb 5. to gather or reap (a ripened crop) from (the place where it has been growing). 6. to receive or reap benefits, consequences etc. 7. to remove (an organ) from the body for transplantation.

Earlier this year I visited Laos and was shocked to discover the ongoing effects of unexploded ordnance, as a consequence of the Indo-China war over 40 years ago when 1 bomb was dropped every 9 minutes between1964-1973. An estimated 80 million cluster bombs remain in the ground, inhibiting access to arable land restricting the cultivation of food and leaving the population malnourished. Every year the bombs continue to yield an unwanted harvest of approx 300 human casualities.

By disarming and clearing UXO the Mines Advisory Group (www.maginternational.org) allows vital land to be utilised for communities to improve their livelihoods. Act now and support the development of sustainable livelihoods by donating to www.actforpeace.org.au for ‘mine action and disarmament’. All donations received will go directly to MAG.  This work is dedicated to my late grandfather Ray Wood 23.3.2011, who was always generous with his time and skills in supporting my artistic passions.

Felicity trained as a visual artist graduating from Sydney College of the Arts, majoring in Glass in 1998. Felicity enjoys mixing traditional sculpting materials with recycled objects. Re-claiming and re-interpreting items to give new meanings and purpose, from what their original maker intended. She enjoys sharing her love of art and making through teaching kiln-forming and being involved in grass roots community cultural development projects. A passion is helping others find a visual form to celebrate what is important to them, and then helping them make it. She runs workshops for IKARA- a site specific theatre company specialising in transforming spaces and working with communities to create unique festivals and events.

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