Bowerbird Sculptural Forms

LEESA KNIGHTS: Assemblage and sculpture workshop in conjunction with Sculpture in the Vineyards 2017

Reconnect with the surrounding beauty on this creative journey to soothe your soul and engage your imagination.

Explore the trending practice of sustainable art with Sydney’s Environmental Artist Leesa Knights. In this workshop, Leesa offers a unique experience to develop an understanding and appreciation of how to transform everyday, overlooked objects and materials into hand crafted treasures and unique soft sculptural forms.

Experiment with a range of natural fibres and found materials, textures and aesthetics, combine objects using assemblage, random weave, wrapping, binding, stitching and shaping techniques. Using your hands and imagination, build loosely woven nests and free form sculptures, as the bower bird builds its bower to lure a mate. Then delight in the response your artwork provokes.

All materials have been ‘pre-foraged’ or collected with vine prunings and other fibres sourced locally. Please source and bring your own handful of colourful objects, (eg. broken jewellery parts, tiny wayside or beach combing finds, buttons, ribbons, wire, string, stuff hidden in the back of a drawer, etc). Doing this you reflect the bower bird process which adds the personal touch to your artwork.

With a maximum of 10 students and suitable for adults of all ages, artistic levels and abilities, bookings are essential – (subject: Bowerbird). Full details sent with booking confirmation.

Where: Undercliff Winery, Yango Creek Road Wollombi, NSW 2325
When: Saturday 18 November 2017
 Time: 10am to 4pm
 Cost: $90 per person incl. refreshments and materials

Jewellery and other small objects

KES HARPER: In conjunction with Sculpture in the Vineyards 2017

Explore the concept of jewellery and small domestic objects as sculpture. Step inside your necklace, hang it on the wall, place a spoon on the coffee table and let it speak for itself.

In this workshop, play with natural and found objects guided by local artist/jeweller Kes Harper to make a piece of jewellery or domestic ware.

Using materials from the natural surroundings (sticks, lichens, wood and stones) combined with urban materials (paper, plastic, thread, metal), students will create a necklace, hair stick, spoon, fork or knife (or a combination of these). We will stitch, wrap, twist and connect these objects into shapes and forms that may be functional, or not, but will definitely broaden your perceptions of everyday items.

Some materials are provided but students are encouraged to collect and bring pieces that contribute to their creative statement. Look to your domestic utensils as a guide for size.

Only 10 places available so book early. Email (subject: small objects) to reserve your place.

Further details on receipt of payment.

Where: Undercliff Winery, Yango Creek Road Wollombi, NSW 2325
When: Saturday 11 November 2017
 Time: 10am to 3pm
 Cost: $90 per person incl. refreshments and materials