CRAIG BURRELL: Smokin’ Bonsai ‘THIS’

Steel, 1200 x 1370 x 950mm – $2,000
Smokin Bonsai ‘This’ gives the refined Japanese plant a new and exciting ‘metal edge’. I’ve had a love for the Bonsai for many years and couldnt help but wonder how a Bonsai made from scrap steel would be inturpreted. The trunk of the Bonsai is made out of used chimney flues- hence the name ‘Smokin’ Bonsai.

Craig Burrell’s sculptures embody his imagination and highlight his artistic flare. His works are prime examples of putting recycled and discarded steel to good use, not only benefiting the public but also the environment. Being only a freshman in the ‘sculpturing circles’, his name has yet to be recognized, but thanks to his visually stimulating entries in the Waste As Art exhibition and Waste knot Want knot exhibition this year 2010, his pieces are beginning to speak for themselves.Labelling his creations as “‘THIS” artwork” is also an innovative idea that will help capture and identify all his work. Such pieces include- Skool ‘THIS’, Pelican ‘THIS’, Smokin’ Bonsai ‘THIS” and his latest captivating sculpture- Incy Wincy ‘THIS”.