COL HENRY: Pony Folly

Royal species Australian hardwood, stainless steel and copper, 900 x 3000 x 3000mm – $10,000

Exploring the concept of ‘community’ and its importance to a sense of well being and connection. Five figurative elements, depicting animals that have a strong resemblance to ‘ponies’, are a metaphor for the complicated and diverse interactions between groups in a community. The ‘Horse/Pony’ was chosen to stress the ‘herding instinct’ so often found in community. This animal is also held in great esteem, for its strength and endurance, while being recognised as an iconic figure and, as a cuddly toy. These colourful figurative elements have a humorous feel at first glance, but looking closer conjures the enigmatic nature of the works, allowing the deserning to relate on a deeper level, while being attractive and interactive to the younger audience who will find their tactile nature difficult to ignore.

Col Henry has been recognised as an innovator, not an imitator, and his unique work has developed over 40 years of dedication to his art.  His practice is characterized by conceptual agility, inventiveness, knowledge of the language of sculpture, and his poetic, romantic and elegant associations. He is concerned with the energy of form in relation to the space in which it interacts, remaining true to the materials, while reflecting on the natural form and its environment.
He has continually conducted Sculpture Classes for the past 20 years in his studio in Wyong Creek, in the Yarramalong Valley, NSW. He is regularly involved in many forms of artistic endeavour, including major Public commissions, helping community groups and many local schools, and volunteering to achieve excellence in art and art awareness.

Col Henry has studied for many years in pursuit of his artistic endeavour, including related Degrees, Diplomas and countless Certificates and short courses. He has been collected in Australian and Overseas in many private collections.

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