COL HENRY: Collectors

Hardwood and stainless steel
3500 x 8000 x 2000mm – $12,000 SOLD

Similar element of the group could be sold individually by commission, price negotiable. The work explores the theme of sustainability. The ‘Plinths’ are created in a way that glorifies the use of recycled quality hardwoods that would have been used as firewood or mulch. Five sculptural elements use line and form to describe some important sustainability principles. These works are minimal in ‘Substance’, and use ‘Negative Space’, ‘Reflection’ and ‘Kineticism’ to add to their ‘Story Telling’ quality. The viewer is encouraged to use their experiences and cultural background to ‘Tell Their Story’ inspired by the sensuous and elegant forms. The elements have individual names that hint to their meaning. From the left, Protector (future generations), Detector (wind), Reflector (fire / sun), Collector (water) and Objector (politicians)

Col Henry has been recognized as an innovator, not an imitator, and his unique work has developed over 40 years of dedication to his art. He is concerned with the energy of form in relation to the space in which it interacts, remaining true to the materials, while reflecting on the natural form and its environment. Col has been collected in Australia and Overseas in many Private Collections.

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