BJORN GODWIN: Sunken Cathedral

Fibreglass, polyester resin, instant bitumen, mixed media, dimensions variable $30,000  

Inspired by Sydney’s hauntingly beautiful figs, and how they gallantly cling to, and sprout out of cracked bitumen paths and roads, Sunken Cathedral is as much about survival and regeneration as loss.

 As an artist Godwin has been heavily influenced by industrial processes and photography. Having worked in his father’s fibreglass factory in his early years and as a professional photographer for the past 25 years, this is reflected in his fascination with moulding and casting common everyday objects and combining them with mixed media to create dynamic properties where they can fluctuate between opaque, translucent and glowing states.
Experimenting with processes for combining mixed media with resin, fibreglass and metal, Bjorn has developed a body of work that challenges and pushes viewers to look differently at common objects that surround our lives.

John McDonald, one of Australia’s leading art critics has written of Godwin’s work: ‘He continues an uneasy relationship with suburbia, a maker of objects his basic forms may be comfortable and familiar but the transformations he enacts render these things edgy, satirical and slightly repellent (Sydney Morning Herald, “Spectrum, 23/24th February, 2008)

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