BeverlyChalmers_2010Fibre glass, epoxy resin and shade cloth, 2000 x 3000 x 750mm – $8,000

This work inspired by the female form is comprised of inter wound triangular reinforced resin ribbons. These create the illusion of a form that depicts the sinuous curves of the female body. The suppleness and pliancy of the body is as one with nature by the reproduction of the curving, elongated twisting shapes borrowed from the framework seen amongst surrounding flora.

Beverley Chalmers post University studies in art included post graduate enrolment at East Sydney Tech, where she studied under Godfrey Miller, John Coburn and Lyndon Dadswell. For many years she worked as an illustrator, specialising in childrens’ literature. She has been a member a member of Col Henrys’ Sculpture Studio for the past 4 years. Her sculptures are in private collections.