ANNE GAULTON: Japonaiserie

Oar, umbrella, rope, copper wire, vinyl, timber, bamboo, wood stain, sand and cement, 2400 x 2400 x 3000mm – $5,550

This is a decorative, symbolic work that takes elements of a painting by Vincent Van Gogh called ‘Japonaiserie : Bridge in the Rain’ (1887). Van Gogh’s work is a copy of a Japanese woodcut by artist Hiroshige. In a similar way to Van Gogh’s painting, this sculpture uses a highly decorative language of colour and form. With these means a sense of civilised cultural development and an exotic strangeness is created.
What happens when we place different and exotic cultural forms such as these in the Australian bushland, a setting that of course has already been heavily ‘Europeanised”? The installation becomes an investigation of both the artist and the viewer’s self in relation to a floating configuration of ideas of nations, place, dream and time.

Anne Gaulton is a Western Sydney artist with an Honours degree in Visual Arts from Sydney College of the Arts, specialising in sculpture, performance and installation. She has recently completed a residency in 2010 at the Parramatta Artist Studios. Anne started her working life as a museum conservator in the early 80’s. She has been exhibiting in artist run galleries, is involved in community public art projects and has a public sculpture commissioned by Cambelltown City Council.

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