Ceramics, string, dimensions variable – $2600

Canopy’ is a site specific piece that works with drawing the sensory elements together, quietly while co-existing with the natural form. I have recently been collaborating with the musician Fi Claus, and was  inspired work with the none-literal and more intangible qualities of music I can learn from and express within my own art practice.  Canopy draws together the senses and acts as an ‘ensemble assemblage’. I am working this way to escape some of the syntax of form and escape the four walls and context of the gallery space, like music often escapes language.

I emphasise the installation’s quiet nature, and contradiction. A canopy is something that protects and draws your eyes up away from form and more towards the formless.

Amanda Humphries is an artist from Northern NSW who currently resides in Sydney. She rotates working between May Street Studios with a group of thirty artists, to being completely alone in her studio on the family property. She has been involved in a number of shows and has had solo shows in ARI’s, regional and commercial galleries both in Australia and overseas, including a residency in India in 2008, and a scholarship to study and exhibit in the USA in 2002. Amanda studied her BFA at CoFA at UNSW and the University of California, San Diego and attends and teaches art workshops regularly.

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